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Before  Kamarga

"2020 Distinguished Lecture," Art Education, Miami University, Ohio. (PDF)

“Afterword,” in Robert Smit, GRID, LM Publishers: Amsterdam, 2019. (PDF)

"Afterword: Noticing, Revealing," with Susan Barrett in Professional Development in Art Museums, Dana Kletchka & Stephen Carpenter, Editors. Alexandria, VA: NAEA, 2018, 193-195. (PDF)

“What Am I Looking At,” in Sandro Miller, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters, Torun, Poland, 2015, 76-82. (PDF)

"On Crits, Visual Arts Research, Vol. 40, #1, Summer 2014. (PDF)

“Taking It Personally: Coming to Know Oneself and Others Through Personal Interpretations of Art,” in Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today, Joni Boyd Acuff and Laura Evans, Editors. Lanham: Rowman & Little Field, 2014, 231-244. (PDF)

“Principles for Interpreting Art,”
in Drawing Learners: Perspectives on Art Education, Lim Kok Boom, Editor. Singapore: STAR, 2013, 126-130. (PDF)

“Writing Towards Empathy,” in Empathy, Aesthetics, and Education, Tracie Costantino and Boyd White, Editors. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2013, 29-39. (PDF)

“Experiencing Art with the Ill, the Elderly, and Their Caregivers,”
Teaching Artist Journal, Vol. 9, # 2, 90-100, 2011. (PDF)

“The Importance of Teaching Interpretation,”

FATE in Review, 32, 2010-2011, 3- 1. (PDF)

“Art Interpretation as a Clinical Intervention Toward Healing”
with Patrice Rancour, Journal of Holistic Nursing, Vol. 29, # 1,
March 2011, 68-80. (PDF)

“Aesthetics, Conversations, and Social Change,”
in Essays on Aesthetic Education for the 21st Century, Tracy Costantino and Boyd White, Editors. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2010, 123-142. (PDF)

“Principles for Interpreting Photographs,” in The Weight of Photography: Photography History Theory and Criticism, Johan Swinnen and Luc Deneulin, Editors. Brussels: ASP, 2010, 147-172. (PDF)

“Barrett's Principles for Interpreting Art,” in The Museum Experience, Carole Henry. Reston, VA: NAEA, 2010, 99-100. (PDF)

“Stories," International Journal of Art Education, (English and Chinese), Vol. 7, # 2, 2009, 41-66. (PDF)

“A Conversation about Mentoring,”
with Ivy Chevers, Laura Evans, Kendra Girardot, Rina Kundu,
Visual Arts Research, Vol. 35, # 2, 2009, 1-10. (PDF)

“Three Art Educators in Cancerworld” with Debbie-Smith-Shank and Patricia Stuhr, The Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, Vol. 26, 2008, 3-23. (PDF)

“Interactive Touring in Art Museums: Constructing Meanings
and Creating Communities of Understanding”
Visual Arts Research, Vol. 34, #2, 76-84, 2008. (PDF)

“Two Questions, with Variations,”
in From Periphery to Center: Art Museum Education in the 21st Century, Pat Villeneuve, Editor. Reston, VA: NAEA, 2008, 197. (PDF)

"Teaching Toward Appreciation in the Visual Arts,"
in International Handbook of Research in Arts Education, Volumes 1 & 2, Liora Bresler, Editor. New York: Springer, 2007, 639-654. (PDF)

“Approaches to Postmodern Art-making” FATE in Review, Vol. 28, 2006-2007, 2-15. (PDF)

“Gossip,” “Origami Flowers Frame 89,” “Emily's Scribbles,” in Charles A. Csuri: Beyond Boundaries, 1963-Present, Janice Glowski, Editor. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University College of the Arts, 2006. (PDF)

"God, the Taboo Topic in Art Education," with Valora Blackson, Vicki Daiello, and Megan Goffos, The
Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, #26, 2006, 58-84. (PDF)

"Improving Studio Critiques"
Abstracts 2006, College Art Association, Boston, 2006, 190. (PDF)

Encyclopedia of 20th Century Photography, Lynne Warren, ed.
New York: Routledge, 2006, 803-806. (PDF)

“Visual Culture in Art Education,”
Humanities Exchange, College of Humanities, The Ohio State University, Vol. 22, Autumn 2006, 23. (PDF)

in Willem Elias, Aspects of Belgian Art After '45. Belgium: Snoek Publishing, 2005. (PDF)

in David Burton, Exhibiting Student Art. New York: Teachers College Press, 2005. (PDF)

"Interpretation and Community"
Proceedings of 2nd Asia-Pacific Art Education Conference 2004, Hong Kong Institute of Education, 2004, 190-201. (PDF)

"Improving Student Dialogue About Art,"
Teaching Artist Journal, Vol. 2, # 2, 2004, 87-94. (PDF)

“Investigating Art Criticism in Education: An Autobiographical Narrative,”
in Handbook for Research and Policy in Art Education, Elliot Eisner and Mickey Day, Editors, Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, 2004, 725-749. (PDF)

"The Future: Hopes and Dreams, Obstacles and Solutions"
Teaching Artist Journal, Vol. 1, # 4, 2003, 196-202. (PDF)

"Interpreting Visual Culture,"
Journal of Art Education, Vol. 56, # 2, 2003, 6-12. (PDF)

"Unifying the Curriculum with an Art Exhibition,"
Journal of Aesthetic Educ., Vol. 37, # 3, Fall 2003, 21-40. (PDF)

“Interpreting Art: Building Communal and Individual Understandings,”

in Contemporary Issues in Art Education, Yvonne Gaudelius and Peg Speirs, Editors. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2002, 291-301. (PDF)

"About Art Interpretation for Art Education,"
Studies Invited Lecture, Studies in Art Education, Vol. 42, # 1, Fall 2000, 5-19. (PDF)

"Studio Critiques in College Art Courses as They Are and as They Could Be with Mentoring,"
TIP: Theory into Practice, New Visions of Mentoring, Vol. 39, # 1, 2000, 29-35. (PDF)







“Interpreting Photographs,”
in 2000 Taipei International Photofest, Taipei: Epson, 2000, 70-82. (PDF)


in Art Education: Content and Practice in a Postmodern Era, James Hutchens and Karen Suggs, Editors. Reston, VA: NAEA, 1997, 17-30. (PDF)

"Making Meaning in the Museum,"
in The Active Eye: An International Symposium on Art Education and Visual Literacy, Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam and the Nederlands Foto Instituut: Rotterdam, 1997. (PDF)

"Photographs and Contexts,”
in Aesthetics: A Reader in Philosophy of the Arts, David Goldblatt and Lee Brown, Editors. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1997, 110-116. (PDF)

“Learning Through Works of Art,”
in A Report: Proceedings of a Regional Conference: Learning from Works of Art Through Museum/School Collaborations, 1996, Dallas Museum of Art, 40-56. (PDF)

"Critics on Criticism,"
Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 28, # 2, Summer 1994, pgs 71-82. (PDF)

"Principles for Interpreting Art,"
The Journal of Art Education, Vol. 47, # 5, September 1994, pgs 8-13. (PDF)

“Culture Wars,”
Studies in Art Education, 36(1), 1994. (PDF)

“A New Editor,”
Studies in Art Education (35)1, 1993. (PDF)

“Dropping Lots of Names,”
Studies in Art Education, (35)2, 1994. (PDF)

“Criticizing Art with Children,”
in Art Education: Elementary, Andra Johnson, Editor. Reston, VA: NAEA, 1992, 115-129. (PDF)

“Criticizing Art with Others,”
in Pluralistic Approaches to Art Criticism, Doug Blandy and Kristin Congdon, Editors. Bowling Green, OH: Popular Press, 1991, 66-72. (PDF)

"The Critical Writings of Lawrence Alloway,"
with Sun-Yung Lee, Studies in Art Education, Vol. 32, # 3, Spring, 1991, pgs 171-177. (PDF)

"Description in Professional Art Criticism,"
Studies in Art Education, Volume 32, Number 2, Winter 1991, pages 83-93. (PDF)

"Twelve High School Students, a Teacher, a Professor, and Robert Mapplethorpe's Photographs: Exploring Cultural Difference Through Controversial Art,"
with Sharon Rab, Journal of Multicultural and Cross-cultural Research in Art Education, Volume 8, Number 1, Fall 1990, pages 4-17. (PDF)

“Fewer Pinch Pots and More Talk: Art Criticism, Schools, and the Future,”
Canadian Review of Art Education, 17(2), 1990, 91-102. (PDF)

“A Consideration of Criticism,”
The Journal of Aesthetic Education, 23(4), 1989, 23-35. (PDF)

“Photographs as Illustrations,”
with Kenneth Marantz, The New Advocate, 2(4), 1989, 227-238. (PDF)

“On Interpreting Dance,”
The Journal of Aesthetic Education, 22(3), Fall 1988, 100-107. (PDF)

“A Comparison of The Goals of Studio Professors Conducting Critiques and Art Education Goals for Teaching Criticism,”
Studies in Art Education, 30(1), Fall 1988, 22-27. (PDF)

“Teaching About Photography: Types of Photographs,”
Journal of Art Education, 39(5), September 1986, 41-44. (PDF)

“Teaching About Photography: Photographs and Contexts,”
Journal of Art Education, 39(4), July 1986, 33 -36. (PDF)

“Teaching About Photography: Credibility, Instantaneity, and Selectivity,”
Journal of Art Education, 39(3), May 1986, 12-15. (PDF)

“A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Photographs,”
Visual Arts Research, 12(1), Spring 1986, 68-77. (PDF)

“A Theoretical Construct for Interpreting Photographs,”
Studies in Art Education, 27(2), 1986, 52-60. (PDF)

“Photographs and Contexts,”
Journal of Aesthetic Education, 19(3), Fall 1985, 51-64. (PDF)

“Bright Discussions About Photographs,”
with Kathleen Desmond, The Journal of Art Education, 38(3), 1985, 42-43. (PDF)

“Photographic Diversity,”
Cameras in the Curriculum: A Challenge to Teacher Creativity, 2, Washington, D.C.: NEA/Kodak, 1983-84, 17. (PDF)

“The Offset Works of Les Krims: An Interpretive Critique,”
Camera-Lucida: The Journal of Photographic Criticism, 5, Winter 1982, 49-57. (PDF)

“Photographs in Teaching: Epistemological Confusions,”
Philosophical Studies in Education Proceedings, 1981, 114-121. (PDF)

“A Structure for Appreciating Photographs,”
Exposure: The Journal of the Society for Photographic Education, 18(3-4), Fall & Winter 1980, 50-54. (PDF)

“Thinking About Photographs,”
In the Arts, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, November 1980. (PDF)

“Television, Values, and Art Education,”
The Arts, # 9, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1979. (PDF)

“Reading as a Method of Photographic Criticism,”
Exposure: The Journal of The Society for Photographic Education, 15(4), Winter 1977, 3-5. (PDF)

“Photographic Criticism in an Educational Context,”
with Pamela Linehan, Afterimage, 5(1-2), May 1977. (PDF)


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